Updates to the Hall 2022

Please view the video below to see all the improvements that we have made to the hall.

Updates to the Hall 2023

The Village Hall  is heading into another winter secure in the knowledge that the building will be dry and well insulated. The recent very heavy storms of the past couple of years have resulted in considerable leaks through several damaged roof tiles. This coupled with old, degraded insulation, prompted the management committee to reach out once more to Biffa Award for help with the necessary funding. Biffa Award invested heavily in the refurbishment of the building in 2019 providing a new boiler and an extended and refitted kitchen. A telephone enquiry was made to Biffa Award and the result was ‘go for it’ and the committee was supported all the way with their application ensuring that it was successful. One condition of the application was that a third party put up 10% of the funds and that these funds could not be generated by fundraising or hall reserves. A major user of the hall – Parkinson’s UK Horsham branch – donated over £5,000 to make these repairs a reality in conjunction with Biffa Award.

Rachel Maidment, Biffa Award Grants Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to see the £55,440 Biffa Award grant support the roof refurbishment of the Mannings Heath Village Hall project. It is so important that we continue to invest in buildings which are at the heart of local communities, to allow them to provide a range of activities for all ages and to improve positive experiences.”

The village hall is a wonderful place for people to meet, to socialise, and to learn new skills. You will find a space that is now not only dry but cosy, especially important for our many sedentary groups who meet regularly at our hall.